friday night show – 8th November 2019

Haven’t actually done a post since about January when the software on the web server got updated and I got confused, but hey, lets have another go.

Here are all of the shows from Friday night, some serious bangers to do on !.

Enjoy the tunes !!! give us a shout on the social media or comment on the mixes if you want to let us know how you think we’ve done.


Hopefully, I can get this bloody thing to work now

Apologies that we haven’t updated the website for a while, the wordpress software needed updating and then Sparkee couldn’t work out how to edit the damn pages any more. Anyway, let’s hope this works.

Full(ish) house this week so enjoy the sounds.

Friday Night Show – 16th November 2018

What another banger it was…..First up Tom Fum with some twisted Drum and Bass, then Delite who tricked us all into thinking he was going to be light and smooth before he hit us in the bass line ! Then we finished up with Techno bangers from Presha and some new and old Garage House from the Sparkee.

Enjoy the mixes, we are live every Friday Night from 8PM (UK time).


Friday Night Show – 9th November 2018

Another show with split studios. First up from Studio A we had the man like Tom Fum, then it was Sparkee from Studio B and then back to Studio A for DJ Delite and DJ Presha

Thank you very much for coming along and listening, for those that missed or like to listen again, all of the mixes from the show are available in High Quality below.

Enjoy !

Friday Night Show – 26th October 2018

What a show !!!

First up Fum went crazy in his last 10 minutes, then Delite went straight in like a steam train, Sparkee running some soulful vibes and then Presha kicked it hard !

Then, something strange happened and we were on air for another 2 hours, B2B2B2B2B…. some massive classics in the House Party Mix…

Enjoy enjoy enjoy !!!

Friday Night Show – 12th October 2018

We were “geographically” challenged this week. Fum was in Studio C, Sparkee in quarantine in Studio B and the man like Delite and Presha in Studio A…..but it did not dampen the show!!!

As always, here are all of this weeks mixes in a single place

Enjoy !!!

UPDATE – Added a little bonus mix from DJ Delite who I don’t think was ready to finish just yet